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Other(ing) Sensing. Practices, Politics and Ethics of Sensitive Media

2nd conference of the SENSING Research Group, Potsdam
17–18 June 2021, online

Sensing, in its more-than-human, technological, as well as human dimension, is often understood as an element of transmission or connection. It encompasses practices of (ostensibly) making the imperceptible perceivable, of turning formerly opaque processes into data or of ’accessing’ other subjectivities. But as much as sensitive media are an attempt to bridge difference, they are also responsible in the constitution of otherness. Their intention to connect can also turn into a violent erasure of difference. The 2021 conference of the SENSING Research Group at the Brandenburg Centre for Media Studies (ZeM) aims at looking at the practices, politics and ethics of sensing in relation to alterity. How do entities sense one another? What in- and exclusions are constituted through sensitive media? In which ways can sensing become a violent act of appropriation? But also, what is the subversive opening of ’other’ sensing practices?
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