Interface Critique

The anthology Interface Critique is an attempt to interrogate apparatuses and applications. How can we examine the dissolving intersections between human and machine? How can we comprehend the contexts and conditions of their production? Where and how do these interfaces govern and guide us? How do they shape our perception of our surroundings and of our world? And what significance could the interface have in the context of current technological, social and economical developments?

The book discusses the interface as a dynamic cultural phenomenon, opening up a multidisciplinary discourse ranging from engineering and coding to design and communications, from digital humanities and philosophy to media studies and literature.
With contributions by:

  • Tara L. Andrews
  • Angel Callander
  • Karl Wolfgang Flender
  • Florian Hadler
  • Konstantin Daniel Haensch
  • Lukas F. Hartmann
  • Joachim Haupt
  • Frank Hegel
  • Daniel Irrgang
  • Clemens Jahn
  • Olia Lialina
  • Konstanty Szydlowski
  • Sabine Wirth
  • Gabriel F. Yoran
  • Joris J. van Zundert

Updates on the ongoing project of interface critique can be found on the website

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