International Workshop „Screen Images (Bildschirmbilder) – In-Game Photography and Screenshots as Photographical Praxis“ (Potsdam, 06.-07.07.2017)

Screen-Images (Bildschirmbilder) – In-Game Photography and Screenshots as Photographical Praxis (Potsdam, 06.-07.07.2017)

International Workshop
July 6-7, 2017 in Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZeM), Potsdam (Germany)

Starting from the phenomenon of In-Game Photography this workshop investigates the status of the screenshot as a photographical genre which includes but is not limited to computer games. Both, Screen-Photography and In-Game Photography belong to a number of everyday photographical practices that are performed within the digitally produced realities as well as the digitized realities we inhabit and which are largely mediated via screens and screen-like surfaces.
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